Held several times over the course of the semester, the Student Work Colloquium is a forum for students from all years and disciplines to share and receive peer feedback on in-progress projects through an equity/racial justice lens.

Work discussed during past sessions has included equitable strategies for addressing sea level rise impacts in New Orleans and on Virginia's eastern shore, designing a spatial interpretation of the history of the Great Northern Migration, and research delving into the intersections of Indigenous sovereignty, resource extraction, and the idea of wilderness in Minnesota.

Upcoming Sessions

Future sessions will be announced on our website and via email to the A-School community. If you're a student interested in participating, learn more and sign up here!

Past Sessions  

Nov. 13, 2020
Work Shared by: 
    Linna Laux (MLA)
    Paige Lyons (MLA)

    Veena Shah (M.Arch)

Oct. 9, 2020
Work Shared by:
    Mira Davis (B.Arch)
    Jane Lee (MLA)

    Veena Shah (M.Arch)
    Karl-Jon Sparrman (MLA)